WPC Composite Material Advantages And Application

WPC Composite Material Advantages and Application

Wood plastic composite materials (referred to as wood plastic) thoroughly broken enough high-grade synthetic wood, the production of products production cost is lower than wood material, but in the use of performance is far more than the wooden products, with a waterproof, moisture proof, insect-resistant, termite, many color, strong plasticity, high environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable, high fire resistance, machinability is good, easy installation, no crack, not inflation, sound-absorbing the effect is good and so on.  

The wpc composite material main purpose is to replace wooden or plastic application in various fields, which is the most widely used in building products, such as wpc outdoor floor, sun room, wharf balustrade. in decoration materials used for the floor, moisture-proof wall, in the urban construction and environmental planning, application in the park, district, street, road, bridge, pavilion, fence, wooden footway, etc., the second is used in the automotive industry, such as interior decoration materials, seat on board, And also can be used in pallet, boxes and other packaging products. In addition in the packaging and transportation industry, furniture, sports equipment and other fields, wood plastic composite material has wide application.