Wood-plastic Materials Processing Difficulty Than Ordinary Plastic Products

Along with everyone on the recovery of waste plastics use more attention, as well as the increasing scarcity of wood resources, fill with wood or other natural fiber to pp, PE, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, by special equipment made of wood materials and finished products, because it combines two layers of plastic and wood characteristics, these years remaining, and gradually became popular attention and development around the world.

But after a few years of development, wood plastic composites used in the domestic production situation is not optimistic, difficult industrialization of research achievements on the one hand, and poor wood plastic composites production company sold. Wood Plastic Composites this promising new environmental information why best game no one played the situation come about?

Through years of development and use of found wood and plastic materials processing difficulty than conventional plastic products, requests high. Now domestic skills are skills the digestion and absorption of information from abroad, despite some achievements, but industrial uses there is much work to be done.

Some production companies only see the prospect of plastic and wood, while ignoring the other questions, processing equipment, technical skills are not up to the commodity level not to; a small number of companies producing wood-plastic packaging molded limits information, due to share small wood filling volume, high cost, lack of market competitiveness. Thus, broadening of the field of use, how further progress of wood plastic composites capabilities have become researchers develop points of wood plastic composites production technology improvements, special-purpose equipment development and the selection of additives, also needs further strengthening research.