Pavilion Concept

Park in, roadside, we will has see greatly small of Pavilion for people open space shade, in we by know of Pavilion in the has see had stone do of, has wood of, also useful cloth and metal layout of simple Pavilion, this which, we see had of up of Pavilion material also is wood do of's, but you know did? you has when see of thought is wood quality Pavilion is may is wood plastic Pavilion, wood plastic making of Pavilion appearance Shang with wood do of Pavilion difference is unlikely to, But as we mentioned before wood is a material very suitable for use in outdoor, in the gazebo on the making of how without it.

In General, wood gazebos are also very welcome. Why, mainly because of concrete structures and bricks and mortar, are compared to wood gazebos, wood Arbor itself has many advantages, such as fire prevention, environmental protection, corrosion protection, less maintenance, and more. Wooden pavilions built is still needed after decoration, painting, lettering, and its maintenance cost is also very high, also set the paint to check for cracked, insects.

Bower built first of all based on comfort, is a Pavilion Basic. Wood pavilions highlighting the practicality of wooden, fancy decoration must not obscure the advantages of plastic-wood gazebo. Secondly, at the material time, must according to the fact Bower to choose materials will not cause harm to the human body. Finally, the gazebo can also be a very stylish, modern landscape, so use the wood to build a Pavilion is the novel way, environmental health, and breaking the original pavilions of stone cold, dead feeling of bondage and wooden gazebos, more like cloth and metal material constitutes simple feeling, which makes wood gazebo is even more unique.