Knowledge Of Production Process Of Wood - Plastic Composite Materials

Some artificial zeolites can be added to the polymer, and this aluminum silicate molecule can absorb odors from the material.Through a large amount of crystalline cavity in the powder, the adsorbent can capture the organic small molecules that produce odors.The molecular capture adsorbent has been successfully applied to polyolefin extruding tubes, injection and extrusion of blown utensils, isolating packaging materials, extruding outer packing and sealing materials.Molecular absorbent powder can also be used as a dehumidifier to remove the moisture in the plastic.

When the profile is not required to have a continuous sheet structure or parts with complex structural design, wood plastic profiles can be formed by injection molding or moulding.In order to solve this problem, they need to reduce the amount of wood packing to increase the fluidity of the melt.Due to 200 ℃ is wood plastic composite processing operating temperature limit, some of the melting point of more than 200 ° C resin, such as PET, cannot be used for wood plastic composite.Water vapor can degrade the properties of composite materials and also help to breed microorganisms. Therefore, water vapor must be removed before using wood packing.

Before processing, the wood filler should be dried, and the water vapor content should be less than 1 ~ 2% after treatment.Now the wood plastic composite processing machinery requirements with feeding equipment, drying equipment, extrusion machinery and molding equipment, and some necessary downstream equipment such as cooling water tank, traction equipment and cutting equipment, etc.