Ecological Difference Between Wood And Wood

See the network of ecological differences between wood and wood articles despite the controversy. As an old brand of eco-industry leaders, here for everyone to do some interpretation.

Eco-wood, as a new environmentally friendly materials, since entering the Chinese market has been more than seven years, and has more than one name: eco-wood, green, wood, wood, wood, wood, some of the great wall is called ecological panels, like wood, and so on. And seven years of time has no uniform standard, official names are not made public.

Since 2006 the national wood industry standards Committee on "ecological wood" planning the development of industry standards, and completed in late 2012, is expected to be announced to the public by early 2013. As the national wood industry standards participants, ecological wood China wood industry standards association known as "wood-plastic composite profile." Name as at the national level have shown that the "ecological wood" is a wood is a composite and a profile. So what does what wood eco-wood.

Wood refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC, instead of the usual resin (contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde), with over 35%-70% of wood powder, rice husks, straw and other waste fibres into new wood material, extrusion, injection molding, injection molding, plastics processing, production of plates or profiles. Eco-wood is to use PVC (which is formed by the polymerization of vinyl chloride in the initiator of thermoplastic resin), reinforcement, and wood flour, calcium powder, foam, polymer Thermoplastic extrusion type material. Eco-wood is a kind of wood. And one of the oldest wood materials had been attributed to the ecological wood categories, due to foaming and non-foaming the difference between another type of material now known as PE ecological wood materials. Eco-wood is divided into: PE eco-wood eco-wood and PVC, and belong to the wood. So, why do eco-wood composite profile, because the wood itself is the composite that is very easy to explain. Now more eco-wood materials can be used as decoration material, such as eco-wood eco-wood keel, shutter boxes, and so on. In addition, eco-wood decoration does not need painting, do not need to do additional processing, that is filled with, is a very good profile.

Due to customs issues, ecological wood will not change according to the country's development, but we must remember, ecological wood can be divided into two kinds of a PVC which is a PE type, but it's all wood materials.