Perfect Ending For 2016 Lisen Annual Meeting

 Perfect ending for 2016 Lisen annual meeting

Sailing and win-win the year of the rooster.


In January 21st, 2016 lisen annual summary and commendation conference held in the Hanhai international hotel.General manager of the company,wangzhifu with all employees, some suppliers of more than 80 people attended the meeting and spoke at the beginning,summarizes the production and sale of work.The 2016 annual domestic wood lisen sales grow 35%, export growth of 40%. and convey 2017 annual plan, to achieve the production and sales growth of 50%, exports to more than 4 million U.S. dollars, increased to promote the construction of two plants of lisen wood, complete electronic metering plant process improvement and the improvement of modernization. The meeting commended the company production department outstanding staff "," sales champion ","outstanding staff"advanced individual and collective. And carry out group activities and talent show. Youth, lively atmosphere. The new starting point, new journey. Sailing, win-win The year of the rooster.




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Game competition


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