Wood products in China not only promising, all over the world watch

North America is one of the most abundant timber resources on regions of the world, also wood industry's fastest-growing regions, because they take care of the natural timber resources, address environmental maintenance. China works a wood resources poor of national, because trees excessive logging green barrier was damaged, sandstorm intensified, natural disaster frequently, thus current Government particularly squarely resources of reincarnation using and on ecological environment of maintenance, this on for plastic wood commodity of carried out invention has is outstanding of big environment, again plus plastic wood commodity itself of excellent function, trust plastic wood all Exchange General wood will into foregone conclusion. Wood products not only in China but promising, optimistic about all over the world, we believe that this is not just because the product itself has excellent properties, priority is determined by its cycle of resources using the resolution and its significance on environmental protection.

New wood information on the status and prospects of wood flooring: time at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Olympic Park also bought thousands of tons of wood products used in construction according to, wood color is based on adjustment of the formula, this time choose the red color of a solemn atmosphere, bring the China Pavilion's personality. Most striking is undoubtedly China 2010 Shanghai World Expo Pavilion, this ancient hat-shaped "Oriental Crown" was red, with the care of the, is a Museum adjacent to large tracts of mahogany-colored floor. These floor wood textured concrete, others of wood textures, but in fact the floors are not made of wood, but this new environmental information called the wood.

Application of wood materials in the field of occupational it is understood that the wood is mainly used for outdoor garden scene scene and hydrophilic, 3-10 times the length of wood used are wood.

Wood's primary components are plastic and natural fiber. Compared with wood, wood's biggest advantage is dedication to the environment and saving trees helps maintain the environment, do not need to paint to prevent the pollution of the environment, void retrieved after use without secondary pollution. Wood products do not have to paint, not afraid of water interests, use after the cycle is completed in about 10 years, and recovered for use. So-called wood, is the use of plastics and natural wood fibers, use special techniques such as extrusion, injection molding, compression molding products.

Why wood wood flooring information through two years of implementation from Sun Yat-Sen mausoleum, in Nanjing Confucius Temple, Lake Xuanwu, Huangshan, Taiwan eight Bay national scenic area and other scenic spots, venue for the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo, and then to the United Kingdom and the United States, and France and other European countries, can see wood products more across, wide range of application.