Why alternative wood flooring solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring market dominance has been occupying the floor because it is made of natural wood, he gives a natural feel, there are natural wood scent, it is often used in interior decoration. And today we're going to say he is an environmental protection in the new wood flooring wood plastic composites. His biggest advantage is to carry out capital recycling, in many gardens and outdoor platforms that use it. Today's logging serious forest more and less, and the appearance of wood just easing this serious trend.

In wood to a great extent his alternative to solid wood, trees not only deal with the problem of inadequate resources, he also has a very good environmental results, and wood in the future trend would instead of solid wood. After a brief introduction so we probably know about wood flooring solid wood flooring is also.

Wood-plastic material resistant to water and rot function, long using life, wood materials and commodities and timber, strong acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and breed bacteria is not easy to be moth and not grow fungi. Use long life, up to 50 years or more.

Outstanding strength function of wood materials and wood-plastic composite material containing plastics, so it has good elastic modulus. In addition, containing plenty of fiber and plastic mixed hardwood with an appropriate pressure, resistance to mechanical features such as twists and turns, and go far significant than usually wooden materials. High surface hardness, usually wood 2--5 times.

Wood plastic material excellent of can adjustment function, after additives, plastic can attack aggregate, and sent bubble, and curing, and modified sex, changes, then changes wood plastic material of density, and strength, characteristics, also can arrived anti-aging, and anti-electrostatic, and flame retardant, special requirements wood plastic floor can processing sex good, can set, and can planing, and can saw, and can drill, and appearance can Shang paint, high environmental sex, and no pollution, and no pollution-, and can cycle using. Commodity substance containing benzene, formaldehyde is 0.2, below the EO grade specifications, for grading and environmental norms in Europe, recycled used moral integrity. Waterproof, moisture-proof. Foundation processing has wood quality commodity on wet and more water environment in the sucking water damp Hou easy rot, and expansion big deformation of questions, can using to traditional wood products cannot using of environment in the, strength good, and hardness high, and anti-sliding, and wear, and not cracking, and not insect borers, absorbent small, and resistance aging, and resistance corrosion, and antistatic and UV, and insulation, and insulation, and flame retardant, and can anti-75 ℃ high temperature paper-40 ℃ of low temperature.