Prospects for the development of wood-plastic

1) raw material quality, formulation Sciences wood door of main raw materials are PVC resins and high-quality wood flour, using medical grade PVC resin domestic brand-name products, wood provided by professional wood company quality tree wood powder, after grading filters, grinding, drying, coating, assure product quality requirements on raw materials. Wood door system equipped with a certain percentage of support materials, into the foaming agent, stabilizer, modifiers, and various ingredients mixed in strict proportion, effectively guarantee the quality of foam sheet.

2) production equipment, advanced production equipment is from mixing system to extrusion system introduced from abroad, the international leading level, a high degree of automation, mixing equipment has the ingredients precisely, mix, high efficiency, fundamentally guarantee the stability of the product. Because of wood-plastic foamed door production requires high foaming extrusion equipment, and a high torque twin screw extruder, and reform the screw, barrel and other components to accommodate wood grain surface crusting and evenly inside and outside foam to avoid phenomena such as wood powder carbonized.

3) hot turned printing technology leading used hot turned printing process, in extrusion of plate Shang turned printing various graphics, makes products has variety high-end species wood lines and color, according to market popular varieties, we design has Black Walnut wood, and ivory white, and La as wood, variety ornaments surface for customer select, and provides more than 50 balance indoor door of appearance design to meet modern consumers life personality of needs.

4) Green raw materials are used in wood-plastic door in high temperature, high pressure, vacuum molding, the material does not contain formaldehyde, while secondary processing uses thermal transfer technology, paint-free, in the course of production, use no harmful gases and odours released is in line with the modern interior environmental standards, human-friendly products.

5), waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and mildew, anti-moth, deformation wood products has dual properties of wood and plastic, wood and plastic door except for use in interior door, especially temperature, humid and poorly ventilated places such as wet toilet, storeroom to be corrosion, mildew, moth, and so on.

6) broad structure of reasonable structure, high strength special design ensures ideal internal structure of wood-plastic foamed material, combined with excellent design and reasonable production process, ensure the strength of the product.

7) packaged structure, wood-plastic door installation saves time and effort by Germany to introduce fast loading structure, is extremely easy to install, and door door line with bayonet connection, fixed without nails or glue gun.