How to protect wood production line

Wood production line, is made up of twin screw extruder, vacuum shaping table, traction machine, cutting machine, die, Stacker and so on. LESCO wood product line uses specially designed screw and barrel, mould and processing, production and equipped with profiles of auxiliary materials can produce green wood, eco-wood, green wood.

Ecological wood line as ecological wood of production equipment, it of exists meaning huge, now wood floor price increasingly your, and with forest resources of disappeared out, we must to has a more environmental, and green of material to instead of wood, is obviously ecological wood of appeared solution has this problem, and it in production ecological wood composite Shi, extrusion method process has products quality stable, and cost lower, and investment relative less.

After reading about the ecological value of wood production line, but any product fails or some other problem, if you want to avoid the emergence of problems to do routine maintenance work, wood production line is the same, it works over time or is not maintained for a long time are prone to problems, then what should I do,

1, in the eco-line continuous long-term operation, to check the lubrication of all parts on time and temperature, always pay attention to the running state of equipment, must immediately stop checking if there is abnormal.

2, keep the material clean and prevent metal debris or other rigid parts such as screws fall into the feed, damage to the screw and barrel.

3, when the feed to ensure continuous feed, this chain should have plenty of material, cannot be guaranteed during continuous feeding, to immediately shut down, is strictly prohibited in the absence of material empty runs.

4, if the production of electricity, the main drive and heating stopped, when replying to a power supply to the barrel is heated to a set temperature insulation for some time and then start eco-wood production line.